Price: $700.00



    2 Day Factory Training Course

    Saturday and Sunday - November 21st + 22nd

    Location: Infinity Factory - Gordon, TX

    Gain our 25 years of EXPERIENCE as the leading manufacturer of competition pistols and components!

    Day 1 : Factory Range Class hosted by Christian Sailer - 2019 USPSA  Open National Champion

    600 Rounds minimum required on our 36 acre Infinity Range

    Factory Training hosted by Brandon Strayer- 20 years of Experience Building Infinity Pistols

    Know your equipment- Complete Review of each participants hicap or single stack 1911

    Detailed Recipe for Success with your equipment

    Troubleshooting your equipment

    Day 2: Factory Range Match Day 2 - Put to work the gained Experience with stage breakdown with Christian.

    Side Matches and Head to Head Competition with Christian

    Match, Pistol, and Ammo Preparation

    Infinity Tool Kit Included