Price: $420.00

    Noblex is presenting the new NV G, the latest model to complement the successful Reflex Sight family. When compared to conventional sights, the window has been enlarged by a generous 66 % to allow an even better view of the target. The red dot intensity is manually adjusted in 22 discrete steps. With its enormous contrast range, the NV G is not only suitable for use in extremely bright sunlight, but can even be combined with night vision technology.
    With the enormous field of view and 3.5 MOA red dot, even the highest expectations of the hunting marksmen are particularly well met. The NV G also performs excellently at longer distances in driven hunt situations. Sports and pistol shooters are impressed by the large field of view in rapid firing (cadence) sequences. The absence of a tube or large adjustment unit provides a clear view of the essentials. The design and format ensure maximum perfection and safety when shooting.
    The optical system has been newly developed to create a sharply contoured red dot. All glass/air surfaces have been treated with a high-performance anti-reflective coating to achieve maximum transmission. A partially permeable spectral coating on the inside of the main lens has been applied to further increase the brightness of the reflected red dot. The special hydrophobic coating allows dirt and rain to pearl off. By means of the laterally integrated control buttons, the red dot intensity can be adjusted in any lighting situation, no matter how critical. The ingenious electronic concept ensures extremely low power consumption and a long operating time of 2,000 hours from one single CR2032 lithium button cell.
    The NV G also implements the well-known and standardized „footprint“ for reflective sights. The proven mounting bracket is compatible for a wide range of mounts available worldwide.

    Technical Data

    Model 3.5 MOA
    Magnification 1.07 x
    Sight window [mm] 25 x 20
    Elevation adjustment range [cm at 100 m] ±360
    Windage adjustment range [cm at 100 m] ±270
    Adjustment value per scale division [cm / 100 m] 3
    Overlap measure in case of model [cm / 100 m] 10
    Parallax-free sighting distance [m] 40
    Power supply 3 V, CR 2032 lithium coin cell
    Dimensions L x W x H [mm] 46.0 x 32.0 x 31.4
    Color of target dot Red
    Tightness Water-tight
    Weight (without mounting accessories) [g] 36
    Article number 55770

    Not Available for International Shipment