Price: $700.00


    2 Day Factory Training Course

    Saturday and Sunday - June 13th and 14th

    Location: Infinity Factory - Gordon, TX

    Gain our 25 years of EXPERIENCE as the leading manufacturer of competition pistols and components!

    Day 1 : Factory Range Class hosted by Christian Sailer - 2019 USPSA  Open National Champion

    600 Rounds minimum required on our 36 acre Infinity Range

    Factory Training hosted by Brandon Strayer- 20 years of Experience Building Infinity Pistols

    Know your equipment- Complete Review of each participants hicap or single stack 1911

    Detailed Recipe for Success with your equipment

    Troubleshooting your equipment

    Day 2: Factory Range Match Day 2 - Put to work the gained Experience with stage breakdown with Christian and Mel.

    Side Matches and Head to Head Competition with Christian and Mel

    Match, Pistol, and Ammo Preparation

    Infinity Tool Kit Included